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Technical Questions and Answers

Customers should try to return the RMA to their seller, along with the original product rather than a disassembled product or part, for the best RMA 


service. Therefore, they can have the manufacturer RMA services as below:Customers can contact our RMA department ( ) to check if


their product is still under warranty.Customers who requested a RMA number MUST be return within 10 days, otherwise the RMA number will be invalid


and you will need to apply again.

If the products are within warranty 

1. Customers need to ship the RMA to our Hong Kong office at their cost; we would repair them for free, except for broken problems in PCB, BGA

   or Memory.


2. Then will send the RMA back to the customer after repair. 

If the products are out of warranty 

1. The customer may send them to our Hong Kong office for repair at their cost, but a transportation fee of US$ 80.00/pcs (from Hong Kong to China           factory) and Repair Fee (depends on broken conditions) would also be charged.

2. Customers also need to pay for the shipping cost when we return the RMA to customers in a shipment way they select.

If the products have broken problems of PCB, BGA or Memory

1. Customers need to pay a Repair Fee, no matter if the product is within warranty or not.

2. AXLE will quote the price to customers before repairing it. 

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