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ACE Limited Edition

The word “compromise” is never acceptable to the enthusiastic player. To suffice for the immense demand of passionate gamers, repeated sieving is implemented to locate the ones with the best of the best performance. Each display card of this class is tweaked and tuned up to the ultimate ceiling to achieve incredible performance for the users. Each ACE Limited Edition is described as the masterpiece of the company.

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ACE  Edition

Aiming to offer gamers a never-the-same 3D gaming experience, the chipsets, memory, PCB and every tiny component of this version are strictly screened and filtered. This edition ensures each display card from this edition having plentiful headroom to gear up to cater for the uprising 3D requirements from even the hungriest games. A powerful cooling solution is adopted to guarantee stability when the most challenging games are being played. Pick this edition from the shelf of the shop to feel the unrivalled gaming experience.

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BREEZE Edition

Are you feeling annoyed with the noise of your computer? Want to build a zero dB home theatre system? Here is the solution! Each Breeze Edition graphic card is assembled with the passive cooling solution without sacrificing the performance and features. Choose the Breeze Edition and feel how silent your system becomes.

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Are you looking for something in compliance with the official standard, nothing less? Axle’s Classic Edition is designed and built under the reference design from AMD and Nvidia. The features, the performance is all in line with the industrial standard. On top, you can expect more flexible and considerate features, for instance, the low profile version from Axle’s Classic Edition.

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Axle's Dynamic Edition offers you a more affordable price point without missing any single feature like CUDA, PhysX from Nvidia or Eyefinity from ATI of the original design. This edition is the selection with the best price- performance ratio.

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