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Answer for Question 10


Due to component variation from time to time, the BIOS content of any VGA card is a tailor fit for that particular lot under production. We do not recommend end user’s performing BIOS modification as this may resulted in card failure. If the VGA card exhibits any problem that is believed to be BIOS related, we would like to suggest our customer to return the card to the shop where it was bought for technical support. 

To install the BIOS using NVFlash utility, please: 

1. Boot up with a working VGA card. 

2.  Unzip the NVFlash utility in a new folder on your hard disk and copy the BIOS file to the same folder. 

3. Take note of the folder name, said "NVF" 

4.  Shut down your system and change the VGA card to the one that has the BIOS corrupted. 

5. Boot up to DOS, you may not be able to read anything on the screen as your video BIOS had been corrupted. 

6.  Change directory to the above newly created folder, said "CD NVF". 

7.  Type "NVFLASH biosfile -5 -6" under DOS prompt. 

8.  Watch the lights on the keyboard blink and hear the "Beep" sound. 

9.  When the lights on the keyboard stop blinking, restart the system by means of power switch or reset button. 

10.  If there is display on the screen on power up, congratulation, or otherwise, your card might need professional service. 

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