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Answer for Question 9


1. Remove the cooling fan from the card by carefully removing the holding pins or screws. 

2. Remove the fan from heat sink. 

3.  Dust off excessive dust on the fan and fins of heat sink. 

4. Spray fan and heat sink with dilute detergent. 

5.  Wait for a while and let the detergent soak and wet the dust. 

6.  Wash the fan and heat sink under running water. 

7.  If it is still very dirty, apply detergent once again and repeat washing procedure. 

8. Wrap off excessive water and let dry over night the fan and heat sink. 

9. When the fan is thoroughly dry, remove the under side sticker on the fan. 

10. The shaft and bearing of the fan will be explosed, add small quantity of thick grease to the well. 

11. If you cannot get any thick grease, Vaseline will be good subsitute. 

12.  Don’t use sawing machine oil or WD40 as they are too thin and will be evaporated shortly. 

13. Replace the sticker to cover the well. 

14.  Re-assemble the fan on the heat sink and put the whole assembly back to the card. 

15.  Test and see if the fan works properly before closing the cover of the system. 

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