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Answer for Question 8


1.  Click “Start” and select “RUN” 

2.  Enter “REGEDIT.EXE” then press enter 

4. Add “Coolbits” = dword:FFFFFFFF 

5.  Add “NvCplEnableAGPSettingsPage”=dword:00000001 

6.  Add “NvCplEnableAdditionalInfoPage”=dword:00000001 

7. Add “NvCplEnableClearViewPage”=dword:00000001 

8.  Save and exit 

9. Right click on desktop, select “Properties”-->“Settings”-->“Advances”--> select pull down tap of NVIDIA’s --> on the left    side window, click on “Clock frequencies” 

10. Check “Allow clock frequency adjustment” 

11. Adjust clock frequency, save and exit 

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