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PCI-E 1 extend 4 ports card

Brand     : AXLE

Part No : AX-P1T4MC

Slot : PCI-E x1 (Compatible x4, x8, x16 Graphics Card)

Ports Type : PCI-E USB ports x 4

Dimension : 120x55x75mm

Weight : 70g

OS : Dos, Linux, Winxp, Win8, Win10 etc.

1. Effectively solve the insufficient motherboard interface, and one      interface can be expanded to four.

2. The USB interface adopts gold-plated processing to reduce              interface interference and enhance data integrity.

3. Directly plug into the motherboard interface without an extension            cord, which can have high stability and greatly improve reliability.

4. The motherboard uses the PCI-E interface to directly provide            power without external power cords, so that the motherboard          power is not interfered with by the outside world.

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