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Features :

 Simple trendy design

Durable material, superior quality

Comfort Type key structure

Ergonomic design to minimize fatigue

Suitable for use in office / at home

 Scratch resistant


 Waterproof design

Adjustable keyboard height

 Rated for over 5 million keystrokes

Laser carved keycaps & UV coated

Superior abrasion resistance

Interface: PS/2 or USB

Dimensions:45 x 16.5 x 2.5 cm

Weight : 530g

1. Simple trendy design

2. Durable material, superior quality

3. Comfort Type key structure for maximum productivity

4. Ergonomic design to minimize wrist fatigue

5. Suitable for use in office / at home

6. Scratch resistant

7. Anti-slip

8. Waterproof design :  The keyboard has 9 holes on the underside to drain spilled liquids.

9. Adjustable keyboard height, comfortable and convenient

10. High quality keys: Rated for over 5 million keystrokes

11. Laser carved keycaps & UV coated, with superior abrasion resistance

 12. Supporting Interface :  PS/2 or USB, giving faster input interface & compatible with every computer system and laptops

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