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C8519 Entry Level Standard Wired Keyboard

Product ID:C8519


Competitive price

Simple trendy design

Comfort Type key structure

Ergonomic design to minimize fatigue

Suitable for use in office / at home


Waterproof design

Adjustable keyboard height

Rated for over 5 million keystrokes

Laser carved keycaps & UV coated

Superior abrasion resistance

Interface : PS/2 or USB

Dimensions : 45 x 15 x 2.7 cm

Weight: 520g


1. Competitive price

2. Simple trendy design

3. Comfort Type key structure for maximum productivity

4.  Ergonomic design to minimize wrist fatigue 

5. Suitable for use in office / at home

 6. Anti-slip

7. Waterproof design:  The keyboard has 9 holes on the underside to drain spilled  liquids.

 8. Adjustable keyboard height, comfortable and convenient

9. High quality keys: Rated for over 5 million keystrokes

10. Laser carved keycaps & UV coated, with superior abrasion resistance

11. Supporting Interface: PS/2 or USB, giving faster input interface & compatible     with every computer system and laptops

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